Bloom Coffee Festival

To help increase local coffee production and improve the quality of local beans, provider of premium coffee beans and coffee machines Henry & Sons created a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to create a thriving and sustainable coffee industry by addressing the five major issues that are stopping coffee farmers from producing better coffee in larger quantities: the Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence.

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The Mountainscape of Ulap

Through the ridges of Cordillera and above the clouds. Mount Ulap is a beautiful and scenic landscape that represents much of what the Cordillera has to offer. It’s a climb you could consider, especially that Pulag is now overcrowded. Nevertheless, Ulap is surprisingly a surreal view as well, with grassland summits, pine ridges, and an open view of the other Cordillera mountains, it’s a climb one must have to experience more of the Cordilleras.

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Stargazing in Ampucao

Long exposures are commonly used in astrophotography to accumulate faint light from the stars. For an exposure time over 30 seconds, the camera needs to be set to Bulb or Time. With Bulb setting, the shutter remains open while the shutter release button is being pressed, and it closes with the release of the button. With Time setting, the shutter opens with a single full press of the shutter release button, then it closes with another full press. High image quality after long exposure time at high sensitivity is required. By setting the camera with a high ISO sensitivity, a fast shutter speed can be used to achieve correct exposure. This allows easy shooting of the starry sky with the fixed mount method for beginners.

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Painting with Fireworks

A long exposure approach to shooting fireworks which for the most part are really bright. This means that a lot of light will be coming your way and you need to adjust your settings accordingly. With small led lights we used an aperture of f/3.5. To keep your picture from burning with the intensity of the fireworks light you will need to use smaller apertures, somewhere between f/6.3 to f/16. But it actually really depends on how close you are to the subject so you need to adjust accordingly. I don’t want to spoil the moment, enjoy the pictures as much as I do while taking them. Continue reading “Painting with Fireworks”

Beans from Mount Matutum

Mount Matutum is a picturesque mountain from where this beans was collected and harvested. It is aromatic, affordable and astounding coffee at its best. Matutum is located in the province of South Cotabato, Mindanao, a stratovolcano that rises to 2,286 meters above sea level. It is within the area of Socsargen or South Cotabato, Sarangani, and General Santos City, is a region in Mindanao that has agricultural, fishing and industrial resources at its bosom. Great agricultural products are harvested year round.

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