Kota Kinabalu: Poring Hot Spring

Poring Hot Springs is about 13 kilometers from Ranau or about 40 kilometers from the Kinabalu National Park Headquarters in Kundasang. The hot springs is actually part of the huge Kinabalu National Park. The Poring Hot Springs was first developed by the Japanese during World War II and has progressed gradually to become one of the top tourist destinations amongst foreigners and locals alike. The hot waters of the spring contains sulphur are piped into open air Japanese style baths where you can rest your tired limbs after the long hours and strenuous climb up the Mount Kinabalu.

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The Heavenly Food of Benguet

Although the Cordillera mountain range supplies 80% of the Philippines’ daily vegetables requirements, the folks here actually prefer to eat meat, smoked, boiled and grilled using the simplest cooking techniques often with long preparation times. The fresh and healthy dishes plus the cold weather and amazing environment is perfect to have a break and just relax. Enjoy the good food.

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