Bloom Coffee Festival

To help increase local coffee production and improve the quality of local beans, provider of premium coffee beans and coffee machines Henry & Sons created a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to create a thriving and sustainable coffee industry by addressing the five major issues that are stopping coffee farmers from producing better coffee in larger quantities: the Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence.

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Beans from Mount Matutum

Mount Matutum is a picturesque mountain from where this beans was collected and harvested. It is aromatic, affordable and astounding coffee at its best. Matutum is located in the province of South Cotabato, Mindanao, a stratovolcano that rises to 2,286 meters above sea level. It is within the area of Socsargen or South Cotabato, Sarangani, and General Santos City, is a region in Mindanao that has agricultural, fishing and industrial resources at its bosom. Great agricultural products are harvested year round.

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The Heavenly Food of Benguet

Although the Cordillera mountain range supplies 80% of the Philippines’ daily vegetables requirements, the folks here actually prefer to eat meat, smoked, boiled and grilled using the simplest cooking techniques often with long preparation times. The fresh and healthy dishes plus the cold weather and amazing environment is perfect to have a break and just relax. Enjoy the good food.

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Farm to Cup: Roasting and Brewing

The most intimate roasting and brewing process. For the most consistent roast, you can’t beat a home coffee roasting machine but you can still try with what we call as the frying pan method. You can use any pan that will hold the coffee beans and that you can safely place on a burner.  A skillet or soup pot would work, and a nice round bottom wok would be the best. The biggest factor in pan selection is that you want to use a metal pan that’s thick and doesn’t have any kind of coating like carbon steel, stainless steel or cast iron are all excellent choices. Continue reading “Farm to Cup: Roasting and Brewing”

Farm to Cup: Harvesting and Milling

A coffee’s story begins at origin. And so that’s how I started drinking coffee for the past four years. I have been occasionally drinking coffee before, but it became a regular routine just last year. A day is not complete for me without at least a cup of coffee. After returning to normal single life from a lengthy toxic relationship, coffee became my new passion aside from weekends mountain hike, trekking, and photography.

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A Coffee Filled Day

A coffee filled day at Luna Specialty Coffee in Bonifacio High Street and Nickel Asia Corporation Tower. I was recently assigned to take photos of the store ambience and featured products for our Instagram posting. They said I could order anything so I ordered what I want, took some photos then gave it to some customers. The images you are about to see below are some of the photos I have submitted, showcasing our BGC branches and delicate coffee making procedures, and featured products as well.

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