The Mountainscape of Ulap

Through the ridges of Cordillera and above the clouds. Mount Ulap is a beautiful and scenic landscape that represents much of what the Cordillera has to offer. It’s a climb you could consider, especially that Pulag is now overcrowded. Nevertheless, Ulap is surprisingly a surreal view as well, with grassland summits, pine ridges, and an open view of the other Cordillera mountains, it’s a climb one must have to experience more of the Cordilleras.

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Return to Mother Mountain Batulao

I’ve lost count of the mountains I have climbed, rivers crossed, distance walked and strangers that I have met along the way which later on became my new friends. It started as a simple outdoor gathering with friends two years ago and continued as a passion. Mount Batulao introduced me to the many wonders of nature, picturesque views, and appreciation of the very simple things we have in life. It’s like a rebirth with new values, values that shaped me for the past two years, with life lessons from every mountains and adventures, it molded me to what I am now.

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Mount Maculot

A day spent at the tip of Cuenca, Batangas. Mount Maculot is a common and one of the most visited destinations of Mountaineers and outdoor enthusiast in Southern Luzon. I’ve heard a lot of stories and seen photos of what great view awaits anyone who accepts the challenge of hiking Mount Maculot. True enough, every sight is alluring, from the thick forested trail up to the Rockies with its magnificent gorge, and Mount Maculot itself with a refreshing view of Taal Lake. If you are a little adventurous, you can also make the day more meaningful by traversing the whole trail to the Grotto with its stations.

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Mount Tapulao Insanity

If we are to define what insanity means, it would probably be doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results for every time that you do a certain thing. There’s a thin line between genius and insanity and some people just want to erase that line and be defined as something more than that – the crazy ones.

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Mount Purgatory

On our recent year end hike for the year 2016, we braved the harsh terrain and unforgiving cold weather of Mount Purgatory. A traverse from the jump off point, up to Sitio Giweng, the peak of Mount Mangangew, mossy forest of Mount Pack, and to the campsite and bunker area of Mount Tangbaw, down to the Municipal Hall of Bokod, Benguet.

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