A portrait could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound. Humans are social creatures. We love to reflect on ourselves and the people we cherish, and we like to have that ability whenever we please. It shows a subject appearance, identity, mood and soul. It gives details such as clothing, hairstyle, facial expressions, and body language to teach us about a subject.

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The Call of the Void

We all have suicidal thoughts from time to time, even if you have no history. This can vary from jumping off the cliff, or a high bridge or a skyscraper. These are intellectual suicidal thoughts, or the urge to self destruct, a behaviour during everyday life. It is the urge to do destructive things out of intense curiosity. It can be thinking of driving at the opposite lane of the road, or swerving sporadically.

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The Hollowed Heart

Walking side by side with her, he glances at her wondering what would happen after this afternoon. And then they stopped for a while, waiting for a car to cross the intersection. It was busy day, everyone seem to have their own world, and nobody notice the weirdness of the couple walking at the side of the street. She looked at him and smiled, a reassuring one, that everything will be just fine – except that it’s not.

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To new beginnings,
in sorrow and love,
in fear and hope,
and all that is ahead of us.

To say goodbye,
with all your worries left behind,
and all that is left,
are fire in your heart.

A Lost Soul

I have been at times felt like that I’m always in the wrong place, and it’s like you are living in this moment but there is always a strange feeling. There seems to be no connection between you, people, culture, and of everything around you. However hard you try to make a connection with people, it just seems like it is always doomed to fail and you always find it hard to understand anybody.

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Holiday Season

The past few days have been so busy with all the preparations for Christmas and New Year that I almost forgot that I have this blog. It’s almost hard to catch up with the things that you often do and that neglect is certainly going to happen, because you see, this season gives people a break from work and all the bullshits of life, and to catch up with their friends and reconnect with family, do some binge watching of who knows what everyone watches these days; Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead or some Korean drama that I think most of the people in my generation are fond of.

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Domain Migration

Changing domain name of a blog can be painful. I did it twice in almost two years on the same blog, and would not wish to do it again but lately I bought a domain name under my name and planning to use it as portfolio and put my blog on a subdirectory or subdomain to keep things tidy and in one place.

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A Visual Odyssey

As a hobbyist photographer I usually find the time to travel and make great photographs of subjects that interests me. Most often, I take pictures of landscapes, candid shots of people, interactions, and almost every possible moments that shows emotion that captures people’s attention.

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