Stargazing in Ampucao

Long exposures are commonly used in astrophotography to accumulate faint light from the stars. For an exposure time over 30 seconds, the camera needs to be set to Bulb or Time. With Bulb setting, the shutter remains open while the shutter release button is being pressed, and it closes with the release of the button. With Time setting, the shutter opens with a single full press of the shutter release button, then it closes with another full press. High image quality after long exposure time at high sensitivity is required. By setting the camera with a high ISO sensitivity, a fast shutter speed can be used to achieve correct exposure. This allows easy shooting of the starry sky with the fixed mount method for beginners.

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Painting with Fireworks

A long exposure approach to shooting fireworks which for the most part are really bright. This means that a lot of light will be coming your way and you need to adjust your settings accordingly. With small led lights we used an aperture of f/3.5. To keep your picture from burning with the intensity of the fireworks light you will need to use smaller apertures, somewhere between f/6.3 to f/16. But it actually really depends on how close you are to the subject so you need to adjust accordingly. I don’t want to spoil the moment, enjoy the pictures as much as I do while taking them. Continue reading “Painting with Fireworks”

Photo Walk: Day and Night in Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Malaysia’s Sabah state in the northern part of the island of Borneo. Often referred to as KK, it’s a coastal city partly surrounded by rainforest. It’s known for its bustling markets, modern boardwalk, beaches and waterfront Kota Kinabalu City Mosque. It is also a gateway to Kinabalu National Park, the home of Mount Kinabalu.

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A portrait could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound. Humans are social creatures. We love to reflect on ourselves and the people we cherish, and we like to have that ability whenever we please. It shows a subject appearance, identity, mood and soul. It gives details such as clothing, hairstyle, facial expressions, and body language to teach us about a subject.

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In Photos: Burnham Park

A quick stroll at Burnham Park on my recent Benguet Tour. Burnham Park is a 32.84 hectare urban park located at the heart of the Baguio, in the Philippines. It was named after the American architect and urban planner, Daniel Hudson Burnham who laid the plans for the city. Several stretch of roads around the park lead to Camp John Hay, a former recreational base of the United States Armed Forces. Continue reading “In Photos: Burnham Park”

Photo Walk: University Belt

The University Belt refers to the area in the City of Manila where there is a cluster of colleges and universities. A unofficial name of a de facto subdistrict. As part of a work project, a location ocular for a short film teaser, we explore the grounds of University of Santo Tomas and it’s neighboring streets to see where our theme would fit well. We started around 11 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, from UST we went to Adelina, Barlin and Lerma Street, as well as San Sebastian Road where you can find a row of old spanish era houses. Afterwards, we then proceed to Recto and Arlegui as our last stop.

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Photo Walk: Bonifacio High Street

After a day of work, meeting, some sidelines, and coffee session at BHS, I decided to walk instead of taking the nearest bus stop going to Ayala while unknowingly lugging the camera on my neck, forgetting to put it inside my bag after a product and store shoot at Luna. It’s really hard to focus when you are preoccupied with thoughts that can only be solved if you have enough time before its due.

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